Flexabeller EVOLUZIONE

It is our flagship model, it radically changes the labeling method by replacing the traditional handwheel system with the lever system. Ease of use and innovative design gratify your work. With just one simple and light movement the label adheres to the container. It is possible to apply optional kits to customize the device according to your needs. Read More

Technical specifications

The EVOLUTION Linea Vivace labeling machine was designed to label cylindrical containers with a smooth surface such as glass, aluminum, plastic etc.
There are many strengths that make it unique in its kind:

  • Our lever system facilitates the operator during work as a single linear movement of the lever allows the application of the label
  • The length of the label can be set with an adjustable stop
  • Easy positioning of the roll of labels and of the passage of the paper thanks to the mechanical systems we have studied
  • A large range of feasible diameters
  • Possibility of customization through the numerous kits.

z 54cm


Configurable kits

Only upon request we can evaluate other modifications in addition.
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Kit lot stamp
Kit mignon
Kit second label
Kit tight labels

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