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Simple and functional labelling machines

Quality is in the details. Our labellers are simple, practical and functional. Available in both manual and semi-automatic versions, they are ideal for anyone who wants to be self-sufficient in the packaging of their product.

Created by workers for workers, intuitive and comfortable, they facilitate and speed up the process of labelling and marking both round and square containers, for any material with a smooth surface.

Line Vivace

Our dynamism and continuous drive towards improvement and the future have led us to create the FleXlabeller Vivace Line.
Designing and constructing modern and sophisticated moulds allows us to take advantage of the die-casting system to create our labelling machines, which are becoming ever more attractive in their aesthetic appearance and increasingly functional and precise in their operation.

Flexlabeller PE

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Flexabeller EVOLUZIONE

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Line Semi-Automatic Line

Always open to innovation, we have accepted the challenge of making part of our line semi-automatic in order to achieve the fastest label application times and therefore amortise them as much as possible without overlooking CE safety regulations.

Flexlabeller PE-E

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Flexlabeller PE-ET

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Line Special Formats

Flexlabeller PE-Q

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Flexlabeller EVO MAGNUM

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